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secretary questions!! :O

if you are or have been working as a secretary and you don't mind spending 10-15 minutes on this, i'll be super extra glad. i'm doing a bit of research re: asking the national unemployment office to pay for job training maybe and i have to prove that i know what the job entails first. they don't like to pay for training that's not used afterwards, which is fairly sensible of them really XD;;

i only need four or five people to do this so don't feel obligated if it's hard or tiring for you, i'll be okay. and if you can't answer all the questions that's also cool, this is supposed to be used for physical jobs too so some of that stuff is Does Not Apply, and some of them are redundant or unclear AND some are asking about french-market-specific stuff so heyyy whatev'. this isn't a scientific survey :p

there are 14 questions! :O and the answers can be one-liners or even one-worders, that's cool.

edit: i've got enough replis now! thank you guys, you were awesome. ^^

1. What are your tasks? What happens during a typical day?

2. What is the principal goal/reason for your job?

3. Do you use particular tools or techniques?

4. What are your working conditions?
-business trips/travels?
-how autonomous are you? (alone/alone with boss/as a team/etc: how supervised)

5. what kinds of interaction do you have and how often: inside the company (boss, colleagues, hierarchy)
with outsiders (public/suppliers/customers/partners)

6. what are the diplomas and/or the experience necessary for this job?

7. if you had to hire someone, what selection criteria would seem essential to you?
-what level of education
-how much experience
-what necessary qualities

8. what are the essential qualities for this job?

9. are there evolving career paths ? toward which other jobs ? how? (job training, experience, etc)

10. what's the usual salary for a beginner?

11. salary at the end of a career?

12. what do you like the most with this job? what satisfies you the most?

13. what do you dislike the most? what are your worst difficulties?

14. are there job openings in this line of business?
what do the companies look for?

Your company:
what sector? (medical, educational, construction, etc)
name of your company if you want to provide it ((i prolly won't use it but just in case))

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