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Ficlet timelines archive, in progress...

This post is not for all of my ficlets -- just for ficlets and drabbles that turn out to be part of a same universe that's not big enough to deserve a master post of its very own. (Sometimes when I do a writing meme, the ficlets get swallowed up in comments threads or whatnot; and sometimes you see X and it turns out you've never seen the ficlet/oneshot/WIP it's supposedly based on.) If you can't find it in this list (and it's not already sorted elsewhere), drop me a line and I'll find it for you.


-Teamwork sidefics -- Naruto-centric prequel ficlets -- Sakura prequel multipart.
-Tripletsverse (Naruto/Naruko/Kyuubi harem fic) is here.

-FF7: Restore ficlets are archived with the rest of the fic.
-FF7: Steal (the Zack Babyfics) is here.
-FF7: Daemon AU is here.

-GW: Newtype is here.
-Wufei on Gaia (ff7/GW crossover) is here.
-Dragons And Their Boys (GW/Temeraire) is here.

-Swingersverse is here.



Locker Room Therapy 'verse

Sasuke prequel/POV
Actual fic!
Tsunade + Minato&Kushina
Phone Sex (not really)
[profile] suzukiblu's Sasuke POV during Phone Sex
Kiba Shika Chouji
Pet Names
Evil Asuka is Evil
(much later!)Sasuke: Job ponderings
(even later!!) Runaway

Ten AUs ficlet (scroll a bit)
Sasuke asks
Naruto introspection

Random NaruSasu Apocalypse
Ten AUs ficlet
On Itachi

NaruSasu... IN SPACE!!
Ten AUs ficlet
kage bunshin... IN SPACE!!
And The Kyuubi Comes Back~ The Very Next Day~
Sasuke meets some more clone-y in-laws

Naruto adopts Sasuke into his clan (narusasu)
Prequel: Naruto&Sakura
Actual ficlet
Sequel (implied hubba hubba)
Sequel (angsty fucked up family thing)

Pirates NaruSasu AU
Ten AUs ficlet

NaruSasu Fox Demon x Haremboy!knight AU
Ten AUs

Team Taka Pr0n
Suigetsu Is Sneaky
Actual fic (NC-17!)
Karin's request.
Sasuke/Juugo kissy sequel

Sharing is Caring (narusasusaku...hina... kaka...?)
the first ficlet
Kakashi POV.
Poor, poor Naruto. u.u

naked apron OT3~
Emergency Laundry Day at the NaruSasuSaku house~
[profile] suzukiblu's sequelthing. X3333

The Amazing Adventures of Neji and Mrs Downybutt
The Bird
Egg egg egg. (AHA! Found. .. I was looking wayyy too far. XD)

Best Laid Plans (the one where Sasuke tries the sexy no jutsu. XD)
Best Laid Plans
Oft Awry (this one isn't complete and probably won't ever be, fair warning.)
A couple years down the road... (ahaha oh god i'd forgotten what i'd written in that one. pfft. XD)

Comrades, Coming out and Cows
(the one where sasuke turns out to be gay and no one in team seven is surprised.)
Sasuke Meets Neji
Comrades, Coming out and Cows
Neji is invited on the date by Naruto. D: (might not actually fit with the sequel; I wrote them a couple years apart, I think, so... yeah.)
The Date!!
Fun SasuNeji Bonding Activities

Crossed Wires (the furry!naruto/cyborg!Sasuke one)
Note: this is only the sidefics and prequels. The actual fic is posted here.
Hiashi and Hizashi's last talk
Sasukebot, Mikotobot, Fugakubot
Sasukebot meets Itachibot
The test - Kakashi and Sasukebot meet
Kakashi and Sasukebot, after the fall
FurryRuto, the day before Crossed Wires begins
Naruto's ideal boyfriend
Nurse!Sakura and Ino on Sasuke
[profile] suzukiblu's Cyborg Penis~

Saki-chan/Lace and Strawberries (narusasu, Gothic Lolita!Sasuke (yes, really XD))
Many fics by other authors using the Saki-chan idea are hosted here.

Prequel snippet to Lace and Strawberries n°1
Lace and Strawberries First Fic (porn)
Sequel 1 (porn)
In The Rain Sequel 2 (not porn, but adorableness!)
Snippet: Saki-chan Meets Itachi


Two Knights
Two Knights (sweet and slow fic -- WIP, abandoned.)
Dorothy ficlet

Five Times Someone Figured Out Heero Was A Girl (heero from the boys and relena's POV, humor and character introspection.)
College (Heero & Relena) NEW


Once Removed
(SephZackCloudAeris polyamory)
Negotiations (sephzack prequel)
Once Removed
Felis Fluffinus Adorabilis (disgusting kitten-centered cuteness) NEW

Enemy Skill (SephZackCloud psychic pack bonding AU, WIP)
Crew/Pack (Zack, start of prequel)
Enemy Skill (tag for the main fic, only two chapters so far)
---> Lab (Genderbending AU ficlet, Cloud as a girl)


Ichigo Has Two Girlfriends: The Really Depressing Orihime Prequel ;__;
The Closet (Rukia/Ichigo/Orihime)
First Christmas With
----The Closet: boy!Rukia AU snippet
Ichigo Has Two Girlfriends: Brother In Law Edition!
----Byakuya POV/sequelbit


The Proposal

The proposal (Iroh & Toph humor, flirty? gen?)
sequel silliness (Iroh/Toph crack drabble.)

Warmer Climates
Warmer Climates (Zuko/Jet/Katara pre-slash)
Zuko/Jet, end of series, (not an) ending


Amateur Palemates Smuttin It Up!!
Amateur Palemates Smuttin It Up!! (asexual exhibitionism ftw)
Kinky Transquadrant Affair (Some more kinky conciliatory romance adventures, oh that Karkat, so naughty)

Battlefield Terra
In Which The Characters Prove Exactly Why They Shouldn’t Have Kids Ever, But They Have Them Anyway And It’d Be A Pain To Return Them Now So Hey Why Not. (Burt Strider, Romy Lalonde, friendship, bad language, babies)
The One Where Bro And Noir Hatefuck. (Jack Noir/Burt Strider, NC17)
Not Lonely At All (Karkat, one month before BT; Karkat ♣ (OFC/OMC))
Nepeta♦Equius pale cockpit romp
Battlefield Terra (John/Karkat, scifi/mecha/prisoner of war)

Awake at Night (Karkat♦Gamzee, Dad Egbert)
awake at night
Pesterlog (Karkat, Sollux, Jade, Dad)
John, morning after

Adventures in Collaborative Storytelling (John/Jade/Karkat, Karkat♦Gamzee, pesterlogs)
Adventures in Collaborative Storytelling (John/Jade(/karkat) awkward cybersex, NC17)
Prospit Sandwiches with Alternian Fillings part 1 (asking Karkat out!)
Karkat & Gamzee missing scene


Gundam Wing/Firefly Crossover (Duo & Mal)

Prequel That Will Never Be
Original ficlet

Sanctuarium: Gundam Wing/Stargate crossover
Atlantis introspection snippet
Lorne and Preventers

And, it's likely I've forgotten quite a few, so please feel free to prod me about them.

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What about the furry!AU (the one where Kyuubi is a kami and Naruto is his incarnation)? I'm aware of this post ( and this 20 years later snippet ( - was there anything else? *hopeful*