Fri, Oct. 26th, 2007

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*prods Sasuke with stick* Come on, Sasuke, you were the one who wanted violence. Work with me a little here. ~__~

I think I'm gonna have to scrap the scene I started -- or shove it back into a sidefic -- and start the fic a couple of weeks later in the timeline. As fun as it could be (if I ever find that stupid bunny again and manage to write it), it's slow and low-key, and that's definitely not a good intro to the HOMGWEREGONNADIE-ness of the rest. Too boring.

In other news, I'm being plagued -- PLAGUED -- by bunnies of Sasuke and kitties. I'd give him pets in the future of Teamwork, but KyuuNaru would kinda scare them off with his BWAHAHAHA I AM TEH ULTIMATE PREDATOR aura. T_T Been trying to draw Sasuke napping with kitties draped on him, but you wouldn't believe how difficult that is. When it's not Sasuke's head or the way his legs fold, it's the cats' bodies. Unfaiiiirr.

In other, other news, my connection still sucks unholy amounts of ass and I'm not sure my comment alerts is back. I got a couple of alerts, but is it back or did they just get slip through the cracks?

edit: I still don't have a good idea for the first test. It was, apparently, a test of both spying/smarts and resolve. I don't want to copy what Ibiki did. Anyone got ideas? It's not gonna be very long anyway because it's mostly to weed out people who really aren't qualified for Chuunin, so team Seven will breeze right through, but I still need something before I throw them in the survival test.
aha! Might have something that works. Thanks, [ profile] artimusdin


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