Wed, Sep. 26th, 2007

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So. Thanks to too many kind people on my F-list ( ♥ ), I'm paid up for at least a year or two, thus saving me, for now, from the dilemma of choosing between my precious icons and my opinion of the way LJ runs things, but...

If any of you have or have ever had automatic payments enabled, and then disabled them, you might want to check again. Hell, if you ever gave money for your LJ, check anyway.

[ profile] ldybastet
2007-09-24 11:43 pm UTC (link)
Are you going to explain to your users how come autopayments that have been turned off (due to previous bad handling of certain issues on 6A/LJ's part) now are mysteriously turned back on?

Oh, and since comments are vanishing from this post, I'm taking a screen cap of this. I don't think you'll mind?

[ profile] biogeekgrrl
2007-09-25 06:50 pm UTC (link)
I'd like to know why automatic payments had been turned on for my account, when I had never previously enabled them.
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Curse you, Heero. CURSE YOU.

I can't find my Endless Waltz DVD, I'm getting vague GW bunnies again (nothing definite enough to write with, but enough to make me distracted), and I don't want to have to rewatch the whole series again because I'm pretty sure huge chunks of it would bore me, but there's something telling me "hey, maybe you can kind of, you know, watch it with new eyes. Since falling into a fandom before you watched the show wasn't the best way to end up unbiased and unconfused on the timeline and all that."

I think I want to read GW fic again. Except, I still don't care about much of it. Just about Heero. I want more Heero. And possibly Wufei. Mayyyybe Duo if he's not handled like a hyperactive, girly idiot savant. And action/adventure/politics/gritty badassness. And preferably no AUs.

Also possibly AI gundams, newtypes, life in the colonies and other stuff like that.

And cloning. Clones are sexy.

No, I'm not difficult at all. -__-;;

Which reminds me that I still need to get my hands on Warchild by Karin Lowachee, because not only is it rumored to be good, but the main character is apparently the second coming of Heero Yuy and ahhhhhh I wantses it, preciousssssss. I'm pondering the merits of proposing a trade-off -- a picture for a book -- but I've got to think of the logistics first. (namely, is my laziness going to end up making the poor commissioner wait six months or more for their pic. It's a very distinct possibility. I'm notoriously unreliable like that. ~__~ Also I would hope no one familiar with my pictures would be silly enough to hope for a real background. XD)

But anyway. Anyone got some good, IC, Heero-centric plotfic to read that's recent enough I wouldn't have read it? (If it's more recent than Maldoror's last GW fic, I've probably read it...)


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