Thu, Jun. 21st, 2007

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Yesterday was one of the best (worst?) storms I've seen for a while. It's common around here to have storms during the summer, so when this one started rumbling, I more or less ignored it. Made a few noises about maybe logging off, but hah. As if.

And then it exploded just overhead. D: Absolutely no lag between the light and the bang. So WHEE~ *dives for the adapter*

It fell about a dozen times in under three minutes, with deafening KRRASHs every time. If anyone could sleep through that, they're probably deaf. And then it started to rain. Yeah uh it was a little more than three drops at a time. The lampposts had died or something, so there was only the glow of the city in the background to see by... and I saw everything blurred by the rain. In minutes there were rivers in the parking lot. Usually when it starts to rain, it's a sign that the storm is finally breaking, but of course this lightning wasn't stopping for so little.

... And then it started to hail.

... Dude.

Okay, the bits were tiny, not even marble-sized, but it still made very nice clangs on everything metally or plasticcy. And since the thunder was still doing his "HEAR ME ROAR AS I FUCK SHIT UP" schtick, I didn't sleep much.

It was damn cool, though.

what was less cool was being woken up by the neighbor, once again, screaming her head off at whoever else has the misfortune of living with her, saying she'd "had enough" blahblahblah.

Two hours. She kept going for two hours. I heard no reply, and besides she didn't stop screaming and bitching long enough to let one through. GOD SHUT UP. JUST SHUT UP. I'M THE ONE WHO'S HAD ENOUGH. >O I WANT TO SLEEP, YOU GODDAMN CUNTY BITCH, NOT LISTEN TO YOU VERBALLY ABUSE YOUR FAMILY.

What's the worst is I have absolutely no idea which of the neighbors she is -- the joys of living in an apartment -- so I have no way of telling her "You know, we can hear you. GO GET SOME ANGER MANAGEMENT COURSES ALREADY."


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