Sun, Feb. 25th, 2007

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Sun, Feb. 25th, 2007 21:17
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fics i'm supposed to be working on ATM )

... did I forget anything?

And of course, what I really want to do right now is to write vampirefic. =____=;;;; *loses* Thank god I don't have plot, so I'll wait for the urge to go away.

AND IN OTHER NEWS I had this interesting conversation with [ profile] hanyou_yoake about Uchiha sues and it resulted in us trying to figure out ways to make it so that there would BE other surviving Uchihas IN CANON, but in a plausible way. (mine is that old woman who left when she was young, accepting being made sterile just so she could be with her lover and out of Konoha without endangering the bloodline or risking being kidnapped. And she never had children of her own, and her man left her, and her life was hard with lots of manual labor, but she didn't come back because she'd gotten used to life out there in some quiet little rural village and had made her place, and in the end she adopted instead.)

Not sues or stus. No Mysterious Powerful Awesome Kickass characters -- just people. Normal ninja people who happened to be Uchihas, and survived. Anyone wanna try figuring one out? Even just a drabble. Hell, even just rambling about what could have happened and neat character concepts.

edit: okay, half-uchihas and bastard children are one of the ways to get at that. But it's still kinda cheating on the spirit of the challenge, IMHO. ;p Come on, people. Try it with real pure-blooded Uchiha people who were already born at the time of the massacre, too. XD


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