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askerian ([personal profile] askerian) wrote2017-08-01 03:54 pm

monthly word count - july

TOTAL: 13 220

hey, that's more than I thought! :D

-Daemon AU: Boku no Hero Academia, Deku's daemon changes after he inherits One for All and Bakugou notices (543 words)
-Daemon AU: Battlefield Terra, Romy POV on Rose's daemon settling (585 words)
-Daemon AU: Sorin Heterodyne and Ludmilla silliness (326 words)
-Weird Gundam Wing/Girl Genius fusion where Relena breaks through ( words)

-Gundam Wing - Lone Wolf and Pilot - chapter 11 (3 553 words)
-Girl Genius - Sorin Heterodyne 'verse, Agatha centric (1 501 words) (with Adi!)
-Girl Genius - Gil psychic wolves - chapter 3 (2 235 words)
-Landlord ofic - Christmas (Kir) (3 789 words)

Some nice progress on these WIPs. Hmmmmm. imma need to get started on demon patrol sometime soon but i'm still satisfied that other stuff is also progressing.