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askerian ([personal profile] askerian) wrote2016-05-01 05:49 pm

monthly word count - april

TOTAL: 9 621

... seriously?

jesus fucking dick.

-Battlefield Terra chapter 9: three dreamwidth comments' worth (yeah so it was actually written months ago and is not part of the word count. arghghfmkbbj fg n.)

-Landlord ofic: dating 4 (5 352 words) (complete but unpostable as long as mafia fic has not been completed! plus i might edit it some more idk.)
-Landlord ofic: dating 3 (1 611 words) (also complete GASP!)
-battlefield terra chapter 9 (304 words) (=___=)
-GW: lone wolf and pilot chapter idk 9 i think (118 words)
-landlord ofic: the mafia fic (2 070 words)
-landlord ofic: daemon AU silliness that went nowhere (149 words)
-covalent verse, outside POV on post-ascension Feferi (17 words) (seventeen fucking words) (sevenfuckingteen fuckwords) (aaaaaaaa. i had time to take ALL THE NOTES for this one and. time to write it down? flop.)

in conclusion: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.