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askerian ([personal profile] askerian) wrote2016-03-01 04:07 pm

monthly word count: february

TOTAL: 15 224

eh. eeeehhhh. well i did spend a week or two not writing at all, good job catching up a little...? :/

-I've Come to Claim a Heart From Thee, girl genius: Tarvek/Agatha, psychic wolves (5 486 words)

-veli/sorin daemon AU (3 912 words)
-demon patrol chapter 30 (1 104 words)
-lone wolf and pilot, heero/duo scene (931 words)
-landlord AU: talking about children (634 words, and idk if i'll keep them)
-landlord AU: mafia fic (2 761 words)
-landlord AU: cooking for him (396 words)