askerian: Serious Karkat in a red long-sleeved shirt (Default)
askerian ([personal profile] askerian) wrote2016-06-03 01:07 am

monthly word count: may

TOTAL: 9 280.


-homestuck: covalent 'verse: outside POVs: 4 sweeps later in the fleet, Rose, Feferi, etc (3 042 words)
-gundam wing: lone wolf and pilot chapter 9 (604 words) (i posted the whole chapter as two separate chunks because i forgot the first bit at first. orz.)

-homestuck: demon patrol (534 words)
-FF7: restore (369 words)
-landlord ofic: daemon silliness (110 words)
-landlord ofic: tervel sidesequelfic (1 515 words)
-landlord ofic: mafia fic (1 545 words)
-landlord ofic: random edits in the dating fics (263 words)
-sorin/veli: daemon AU: porn scene (1 298 words)

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