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2017-01-06 06:09 pm

monthly word count + yearly recap

TOTAL: 9 967 words
better than the last couple months! :O

-Christmas present for Adi: her-oc-centric, daemon!sorin heterodyne AU of jaegerxtownie verse (4 900 words)

-Gil/Agatha/Tarvek psychic wolves sequel (1 048 words)
-DEMON PATROL CHAPTER 6 (2 361 words) (actually fucking complete!!!! but not betaed yet)
-some demon patrol tidbits i liked but didn't use (41 words)
-landlord ofic: another cousin finds the golems first!AU (241 words)
-Covalent 'verse: kanaya ashes it up with calliope and caliborn (147 words)
-yuri!! on ice x pacific rim: GET IN THE FUCKING ROBOT, YURI. (1 052 words)
-sorin heterodyne: castle arc version, fic cowritten w/adi (177 words)


jan: 17 874
feb: 15 224
mar: 14 044
apr: 9 621
may: 9 280
jun: 12 938
jul: 10 006
aug: 8 897
sep: 9 562
oct: 5 434
nov: 4 648
dec: 9 967

TOTAL: 127 495
AVERAGE: 10 625


i'm not even gonna bitch bout it because in the last couple months, even if i could only manages snippets here and there, there were more times it didn't feel like a chore than in the last two years. so.

2010: 136 235, average: 11 353/month. ... :X :X :X
2011: 167 675, average: 13 973/month. :X
2012: 332 396, average: 27 700/month. eeeeeeee.
2013: 396 917, average: 33 076/month !!!!!!!!
2014: 315 332, average: 26 276/month ... :X
2015: 206 403, average: 17 200/month.
2016: 127 495, average: 10 625/month. >:(
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2016-12-03 11:17 pm

monthly word count - november

TOTAL: 4 648 words.



-battlefield terra (101 words)
-demon patrol (436 words)
-landlord ofic, keret AU (1 413 words)
-GG: the gil-centric psychic wolves fic (2 698 words)
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2016-11-01 03:48 pm

monthly word count: october

TOTAL: 5 434

.... -__-;


-demon patrol: 2 962 words
-agatha fic for the sorinverse collaboration w/ adiduck: 2 472 words
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2016-10-01 06:15 pm

monthly word count - september

TOTAL: 9 562.


-Landlord ofic - Siege Engines (the mafia fic!!!! (5 550 words)
-Landlord Ofic - daemon AU, Sevan and Narek in Siege Engines (197 words)
-Landlord ofic - FIVE dating fics!!! (119 words)
(all the landlord fics are locked on AO3, you'll need an account to see them.)

-demon patrol (274 words) (uuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh so stuck why)
-covalent 'verse: kanaya ♣ (cal/callie) (1 333 words) (gasp! it just came back from the dead somehow i don't get it @__@)
-girl genius psychic wolves gil-POV sequel (2 089 words)
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2016-09-01 04:43 pm

monthly word count - august

total: 8 897 words.


-landlord ofic: role reversal AU (748 words)

-landlord ofic: the mafia fic (3 021 words) (:D unblocked yeeeeeee)
-demon patrol (338 words) (uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh)
-girl genius: sequel to the tarvek/agatha psychic wolves fic. (gil!!) (4 790 words) (:33 uhuhuhu.)
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2016-08-01 07:19 pm

monthly word count

TOTAL: 10 006 words

hmm. was there really nothing else that i forgot to add? i really ought to go back to adding to the word file the second i'm done for the day instead of several days later, i'm never sure i remember all the things. ugh.

-Stray Voltage - Sorin/Veli daemons!heterodyne sorin!AU (6 457 words) (all but the epilogue, which will probably go up tomorrow.)

-demon patrol (709 words)
-naruto: teamwork: wedding fic (146 words) (the fuck happened. anyway i stalled again after that, so.)
-landlord ofic: role reversal AU (2 613 words)
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2016-07-02 06:43 pm

monthly word count: june

TOTAL: 12 938 slightly better, i guess. but i didn't write much at all on all the fics i wanted to make progress on. hrmgh.


-demon patrol chpt 30 (438 words)
-landlord ofic silliness (169 words)
-sorin x veli daemon AU multipart (12 119 words)
-battlefield terra (212 words)
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2016-06-03 01:07 am

monthly word count: may

TOTAL: 9 280.


-homestuck: covalent 'verse: outside POVs: 4 sweeps later in the fleet, Rose, Feferi, etc (3 042 words)
-gundam wing: lone wolf and pilot chapter 9 (604 words) (i posted the whole chapter as two separate chunks because i forgot the first bit at first. orz.)

-homestuck: demon patrol (534 words)
-FF7: restore (369 words)
-landlord ofic: daemon silliness (110 words)
-landlord ofic: tervel sidesequelfic (1 515 words)
-landlord ofic: mafia fic (1 545 words)
-landlord ofic: random edits in the dating fics (263 words)
-sorin/veli: daemon AU: porn scene (1 298 words)
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2016-05-01 05:49 pm

monthly word count - april

TOTAL: 9 621

... seriously?

jesus fucking dick.

-Battlefield Terra chapter 9: three dreamwidth comments' worth (yeah so it was actually written months ago and is not part of the word count. arghghfmkbbj fg n.)

-Landlord ofic: dating 4 (5 352 words) (complete but unpostable as long as mafia fic has not been completed! plus i might edit it some more idk.)
-Landlord ofic: dating 3 (1 611 words) (also complete GASP!)
-battlefield terra chapter 9 (304 words) (=___=)
-GW: lone wolf and pilot chapter idk 9 i think (118 words)
-landlord ofic: the mafia fic (2 070 words)
-landlord ofic: daemon AU silliness that went nowhere (149 words)
-covalent verse, outside POV on post-ascension Feferi (17 words) (seventeen fucking words) (sevenfuckingteen fuckwords) (aaaaaaaa. i had time to take ALL THE NOTES for this one and. time to write it down? flop.)

in conclusion: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
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2016-04-02 06:55 pm

monthly word count - march

TOTAL: 14 044


-landlord ofic: soulmates AU (1 903 words)

-Landlord ofic: mafia fic (1 191 words)
-Demon Patrol (302 words)
-battlefield terra (1 205 words)
-sorin & veli: daemon AU (9 443 words)


i *hate* how i can't stay on task when i write. it's all tiny chunks here and there and then distracted or lost the plot or... it makes what i write feel awkwardly stitched together. argh.
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2016-03-01 04:07 pm

monthly word count: february

TOTAL: 15 224

eh. eeeehhhh. well i did spend a week or two not writing at all, good job catching up a little...? :/

-I've Come to Claim a Heart From Thee, girl genius: Tarvek/Agatha, psychic wolves (5 486 words)

-veli/sorin daemon AU (3 912 words)
-demon patrol chapter 30 (1 104 words)
-lone wolf and pilot, heero/duo scene (931 words)
-landlord AU: talking about children (634 words, and idk if i'll keep them)
-landlord AU: mafia fic (2 761 words)
-landlord AU: cooking for him (396 words)
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2016-02-01 07:05 pm

monthly word count: january

TOTAL: 17 874

hmmm not bad! i mean not up to two years ago's standard but. hmm. yes. i will be Satisfied.


-Rhetorical Discourse (kankri/latula/mituna, beach, not porn)
-landlord ofic: khulan and narangerel
-landlord ofic: daemon AU: khulan and narangerel sequel w/ added beasties

-Girl Genius: Tarvek/Agatha psychic wolves for lupercalia (6 931 words)
-Gundam Wing: Lone Wolf and Pilot chapter 9 (363 words)
-Landlord ofic: the one where they finally frick again (7 006 words) (technically complete but the ones before it aren't so it's unposted)
-Homestuck: Demon Patrol chapter 30(?) (2 404 words)
-Renato ofic ficlet (892 words)
-Daemon sorin/veli fic (278 words)