Fri, Jan. 1st, 2016

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DEC. TOTAL: 12 933 words.


-Midnight on the Demon Patrol chapter 29 (1 693 words)
-Byrd and the Dads: daemon AU (216 words)
-Landlord ofic: Khulan and Naran (2 020 words)
-Landlord ofic: Khulan and Naran, Daemon AU (1 143 words)
-post-escape Zack and Cloud, daemon AU (137 words)
-Final Fantasy 7: Steal: Daemon AU, Zack and babies' first daemons (523 words)

-GW - lone wolf and pilot chapter idk 8? 9? (574 words)
-Sorin/Veli, heterodyne AU, daemon AU (6 460 words)
-Landlord ofic: dating or not?? fic (167 words)

hrrrrrfffffffff half of my output is daemon AUs. aaa. flop.



jan: 26 159
feb: 27 626
mar: 16 898
apr: 23 320
may: 13 242
jun: 12 612
jul: 12 752
aug: 10 598
sep: 15 911
oct: 17 873
nov: 16 479
dec: 12 933

TOTAL: 206 403

AVERAGE: 17 200

2010: 136 235, average: 11 353/month. ... :X :X :X
2011: 167 675, average: 13 973/month. :X
2012: 332 396, average: 27 700/month. eeeeeeee.
2013: 396 917, average: 33 076/month !!!!!!!!
2014: 315 332, average: 26 276/month ... :X
2015: 206 403, average: 17 200/month.

... Okay, I have lost a hundred thousand words compared to last year. Where did they fucking go.

I went from thinking january's 25k was "acceptable" to april's 23k in three weeks because my grandmother died the last week to... wow, i have seriously lost 10k average since then and never recovered them.

I don't feel that i'm grieving significantly more or that it's related to her death, but just generally my procrastination and attention problem has gotten a lot worse and looking at it here it's a lot more clear than i thought it was. starting in May it was like i'd totally lost the habit of regular writing. upon thinking, 2013 was a really good year writing-wise, not an average year, i had bunnies everywhere because i was in the honeymoon stage with homestuck and got inspired every time i read a new page pretty much, so 2014 was actually pretty alright. but tis year i have fallen back to a pretty bad writing output and i don't like it.

I do like that i came up with the landlord ofic. it's an enjoyable 'verse and i wasn't sure of my ability to sustain my own interest in characters i'd come up with instead of fallen in love elsewhere, as i'm a lot more used to coming up with background OCs to shore up a story written for other people's characters.

Still, grump.


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