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askerian ([personal profile] askerian) wrote2017-05-08 06:25 pm

monthly word count - april

TOTAL: 5 352 words.

>:/ but also i'm interning at someplace i can't use a computer much, so.

it's so HARd to write at home nowadays. i don't know why, but i can't make myself go "ok it's writing time" when i'm home. just... nah, oozing, and then it's bedtime.

also i just... haven't been inspired ofr much of anything. which might be more of a problem. hngh. frustrate.

-Homestuck: Sunlightverse: Tavros (750 words)
-Homestuck: Sunlightverse: Karkat and Kanaya (849 words)
-Homestuck: Covalent 'verse: Eridan (1 058 words)
-Homestuck: Covalent 'verse: Tavros and Aradia chatlog (478 words)

-Girl Genius - Throw Thy Cloak Aside For Me chapter 3 (812 words)
-Homestuck - Midnight on the Demon Patrol chapter 31 (834 words)
-Ofic - the one with the trans boy and the werewolf (560 words) but it's not introducing him well and i don't like the setup and might have to rework the plot entirely.
-Homestuck - covalent - the one with Kanaya, Calliope and Caliborn (11 words) (haaa.)
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Trans boy and werewolf sounds really intriguing.

Sorry that it's not going well, and I have a lot of empathy with job-taking-up-all-the-writing-energy. But 5,352 words is still a whole bunch of words!