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2017-08-01 03:54 pm

monthly word count - july

TOTAL: 13 220

hey, that's more than I thought! :D

-Daemon AU: Boku no Hero Academia, Deku's daemon changes after he inherits One for All and Bakugou notices (543 words)
-Daemon AU: Battlefield Terra, Romy POV on Rose's daemon settling (585 words)
-Daemon AU: Sorin Heterodyne and Ludmilla silliness (326 words)
-Weird Gundam Wing/Girl Genius fusion where Relena breaks through ( words)

-Gundam Wing - Lone Wolf and Pilot - chapter 11 (3 553 words)
-Girl Genius - Sorin Heterodyne 'verse, Agatha centric (1 501 words) (with Adi!)
-Girl Genius - Gil psychic wolves - chapter 3 (2 235 words)
-Landlord ofic - Christmas (Kir) (3 789 words)

Some nice progress on these WIPs. Hmmmmm. imma need to get started on demon patrol sometime soon but i'm still satisfied that other stuff is also progressing.
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2017-07-01 06:25 pm

monthly word count - june

TOTAL: 9 203
... eeeeeeeeeeehhh.


-ofic: landlord: the Kir story (8 146 words)
-girl genius: throw thy cloak aside to feed me: chapter 3 (913 words)
-ofic: landlord: zombie AU (97 words)
-ofic: the one w/ necromancer guy (26 words haha haaaa)
-homestuck: covalent: kanaya and the ex-cherubs (21 words fml i will never finish this)

...sighs. i did progress very nicely on the kir fic until i got stuck...
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2017-06-02 08:09 pm

monthly word count - may

TOTAL: 4 433


-girl genius: random bit of jorgi/tarvek porn with no context (258 words)
-Original fiction: the one with the necromancer (kinda) (301 words)
-Original fiction: the landlord: the zombie AU (1 167 words)
-girl genius: the one with gil and the psychic wolves, chapter 3 (1 442 words)
-Original fiction: the landlord: the one where anis and kir FINALLY show up in the main continuity (1 266 words)
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2017-05-08 06:25 pm

monthly word count - april

TOTAL: 5 352 words.

>:/ but also i'm interning at someplace i can't use a computer much, so.

it's so HARd to write at home nowadays. i don't know why, but i can't make myself go "ok it's writing time" when i'm home. just... nah, oozing, and then it's bedtime.

also i just... haven't been inspired ofr much of anything. which might be more of a problem. hngh. frustrate.

-Homestuck: Sunlightverse: Tavros (750 words)
-Homestuck: Sunlightverse: Karkat and Kanaya (849 words)
-Homestuck: Covalent 'verse: Eridan (1 058 words)
-Homestuck: Covalent 'verse: Tavros and Aradia chatlog (478 words)

-Girl Genius - Throw Thy Cloak Aside For Me chapter 3 (812 words)
-Homestuck - Midnight on the Demon Patrol chapter 31 (834 words)
-Ofic - the one with the trans boy and the werewolf (560 words) but it's not introducing him well and i don't like the setup and might have to rework the plot entirely.
-Homestuck - covalent - the one with Kanaya, Calliope and Caliborn (11 words) (haaa.)
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2017-04-01 02:23 pm

monthly word count - march

TOTAL: 17 551
:3 i am Appeased.

-Landlord ofic: psychic wolves AU, second fic: Karadash(2 092 words)
-Landlord ofic: Teo Daemon AU (2 038 words)
-Yuri on Ice/Pacific Rim: half-assed comment drabble(201 words)
-Yuri on Ice/Pacific Rim: With Fire in their Eyes - Chris ficlet(1 082 words)

-Girl Genius: Psychic Wolves sequel, chapters 2&3 (4 502 words)
-Girl Genius: that sorin heterodyhne fic i'm cowriting with Adi (397 words)
-Landlord ofic: the Other Lord AU (792 words)
-Landlord ofic: the Zombie AU (3 256 words)
-Landlord ofic: the Tervel POV sequel (1 422 words)
-Homestuck: Demon Patrol chapter 31 (749 words)
-Homestuck: Battlefield Terra chapter uh which one was it again, ten? (1 020 words)

... so much landlord AUing this month. wow. um.

but yay that MotDP and BT woke up a bit too! :D *pets plotbunny hutch*
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2017-03-18 04:03 pm

monthly word count - February (whoops)

TOTAL: 3 990 words

fukken two weeks of no computer at school. >:X

POSTED: Nothing!

-landlord: tervel sidefic (2 539 words)
-girl genius, psychic wolves gil-pov sequel (1 452 words)
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2017-02-03 06:33 pm

monthly word count - january

TOTAL: 12 742 words!

SOME PROGRESS. ganbatte ganbatte.

-With Fire in Their Eyes - Yuuri on ice! Yuuri/Viktor drift-compatible AU(7 133 words)
-Landlord ofic, psychic wolves AU, first meeting scene (1 711 words)

-sorin heterodyne collab w/ adi, prologue (336 words) (why so slow. it's sorin's mom pov, why does she not wanna talk. hmph.)
-Gil-centric psychic wolves Girl Genius fic (1 565 words) (UGH LUPERCALIA IS SO SOON WHAT WILL I DO FUUUUCK)
-Landlord ofic AU, another lord was found first (146 words)
-Landlord ofic, Tervel-POV fic (1 851 words)

Tervel is a ton of fun to write but he's so egocentric it's hard to flesh out other people. humph.

I wanna be writing the gil-centric woofs fiiiiic i have so many ideas but why does this scene not want to eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeend aaghghgh.