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For those not in the know, they've decided to do another animated FMA series, which apparently would follow the current manga plot? Though they've had to go back a little to when Hugues was still alive so there will probably be overlap. So this first chapter has a kind of filler-dude so they can stuff in explanations about the background without having to rehash too much of the first anime series. I found it rather well-done but then again i saw all of the old anime and read all of the available manga chapters so I have no idea how accessible it is to anyone who didn't. Still, it was nice enough that I'll keep watching.

... mostly because I want to see Olivia and Fort Briggs animated. I want it like burning.

Anyway -- = chock full of anime series that you can watch online for free without downloading anything. You can thank me for eating all your spare time for the foreseeable future. u.u-b

(this is my only FMA icon and it's all one-shot background characters. woe. XD I need a Lust icon...)
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entertain me, people. ;_; it's 3:43 and i get out at 5. entertain meeeeeeee.

I can't abuse the connection too much; LJ is already pushing it, so most of the sites i usually go to... heh. I can't download anything, and even with the web-based AIM -- well. T_T

... hell, gimme naruto drabble challenges. i don't have the will to maintain my train of thoughts longer than that. Warning: i'll stop the second i have to leave ;p


sucky FMA drabble i owed Mikke )

for purple angel ^^ )


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