Sat, Sep. 29th, 2007

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Okay, so... Sasuke's interacting with outsiders, and it's mostly fallout from the previous hospital attack and following arguments, so there isn't a lot of action...

It hasn't been betaed yet, some of it might not make enough sense or be awkward or whatever, but ARGH I need to post it. ~____~

I don't remember if I posted the first scene before, but this one is edited a bit...

I'm working on the next scene, and it IS Sasuke and Naruto. And some plot I hadn't planned on putting there, but it insisted. >__> Also, I edited chapter 2 a bit to add some tiny foreshadowing. I know the thing with Neji's uncle still seems to come out of left field, it's my fault, but I can't figure out where else to add some mentions. I lose. :sigh: -> previous chapters.

the tiny bit I asked to chapter 2... )

Sakura isn't usually physically assertive, so when she swoops in on Sasuke in the corridor and tries to herd him toward the break room, he's startled enough that he stops moving entirely -- which means she ends up not moving him anywhere. )
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Having switched providers over a WHOLE day ago, I now feel fully qualified to claim that wireless = shit and Orange de France Telecom = more shit. Installing it all was a very tedious, repetitive and nonsensical level of hell, it still pulls random errors out of its ass and then fixes them just as much at random after hours of trying the exact same thing, it makes my taskbar freeze and my AIM error strangely, the connection cuts every hour on average and sometimes several times in a matter of minutes, and when it cuts I have to restart it manually. There's no auto-reconnect. Haaaet.

I am not a happy Asuka.

There's a much more stable cable option, but there's only one plug and my brothers got it. Assholes. >.> And now I have to install it on my father's computer. I'm going to have fun, I can see it from here.

edit: yeah uh so. I had fun. So much fun I decided not to end it too soon by actually getting internet on my father's computer! So I can try again tomorrow!! :D :D :D :D :D

putain de bordel de merde de foutue saloperie de mes deux.

Also, have a [ profile] pornandkittens Bleach drabble Yumichika/Ikkaku )


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