Mon, May. 7th, 2007

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T_T I want to write an itasasu vampire fiiiiiic.

Kinda want to revamp an idea and scenes I RPed with [ profile] sarolynne, but while shiny on their own, they wouldn't make a good fic. We can't play more than one or maybe two characters each at a time, and we tended to summarize and gloss over a lot of stuff, and go more toward "that would be hot" than "that would be deep and believable and plotful". That's not goodfic. u.u;

Kind of anita-blake-ish sort of deal with a master vampire having a human servant (would need another term for it since that's the only idea we took straight from her and I'm pretty sure she wasn't the first one who had the idea of a human bound to a vampire for protection during the day. XD) Itachi started the link when he killed their parents, but didn't complete it because Sasuke was a kid and that would have frozen him at that age, and, yeah... not useful.

And of course we played tons of events between them, which I intend to keep... But that's not enough of a plot. So I'll have to think up something if I want to make it a full fic, butin the meantime I have a couple of drabbles based off Rp scenes. Which is pretty lame but itasasu! vampires!

... T_T why is itasasu so hard to write. It isn't fair.

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