Sun, Apr. 8th, 2007


Sun, Apr. 8th, 2007 01:59
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Wow. I'm personally, and rather virulently hated, by anonymous people (or an anonymous person with multiple IPs). Not even for fandom stuff, either, but, like, personally. Ô_o It's obvious I've been taking over the internets with my spammy horribleness and my daring to exist and they were totally unable to, like, avoid me. (if I eyeroll any harder I'm probably going to injure myself. Jesus.)

(though that "and you think sasusaku will be canon too!!! DDD:" tacked on at the end of that first one makes me lol quite a bit. All the things you could hate me over, and you choose to hate me because I can't see that naruto and sakura's love is true and pure like harry and hermione's no offense intended to either harryhermione shippers or sane, nonrabid narusaku shippers, I couldn't resist. ♥. yeah, sure, I believe you, it's totally because I'm me, and not at all because I dare to not ship what you ship, and I talk about it. Le gasp. XD Also lols at the "omg you write cartoon porn, and by the way this is a horrible insult". Dude, how do you know it even exists if you aren't in fandom yourself? And you've got me rather well-researched for someone who can't stand me. Is hanging out around people whose very existence you utterly despise your secret hobby or something? You need to write more boyporn, seriously.)

Also, the mary-sue in my fics is totally Sasuke. It's so obvious to me, I wonder why people don't call me on it. XD

Good try, regardless. Keep moving people, no drama to see here~ ♥


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