Tue, Feb. 27th, 2007

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And here I thought I was done with the adventures of Plagiarist-chan.

so... what has happened to your plan to point out my "gross hypocrisy
and plagiarism" on my friends forum? I suggest you study human anatomy,
since women do NOT have balls, although i wonder if it is mistaken since
you lack them.

ê_é Is it me or does this girl, like, NOT MAKE SENSE, and not only with her grammar. First she steals my M/M/F fic, then she doesn't even apologize before asking me to beta for her, and then when I tell her to either stop being a hypocrite and delete her "OMG EWW THAT GIRL IS BISEXUAL" comment or have me come to her forum and tell all her friends about everything she's done, she rolls over and obediently does it -- and now she's all smug because I didn't come and bitch her out after she had rolled over. IS THAT GIRL FROM MARS OR SOMETHING. D:

She's not even the good kind of RARR!annoying anymore. I like getting RARR!annoyed sometimes. It's fun. But her dragging it on and on is getting "yawn, where did I put my mosquito repellant" annoying, and that doesn't even make for an entertaining bitching session. Leave the dead horse paste alone already.

This is the last of the chronicles of Plagiarist-chan. She's just getting too boring. =__=

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Tue, Feb. 27th, 2007 18:12
askerian: (OroSasu_Gyack!)
omg the spoiler image for 344.

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