Tue, Feb. 6th, 2007

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Miracle! I'm poking and adding some smut to the funny/smutty Team Seven thing I was writing for [livejournal.com profile] des_butterfly (still needs a title, btw.) So not only am I writing, I'm writing smut.

Of course since I'm concentrating on each line one by one, I kinda feel like I'm spending ages and ages on physical stuff and none on character development (when in the beginning of the fic it was the other way around! too much chatting and interaction, not enough hot smex.)

I don't know if I'll finish the fic today seeing as I have another dentist appointment (ahaha! take that, last wisdom tooth who decided to break and tear my cheek just this sunday, you're going DOWN, bitch!) and I'm really not sure I'll be in the mood to continue afterwards -- maybe, maybe not -- but I'll post the smut when I'm done writing for the day, so in maybe six, eight hours you'll have some pr0n.

In the meantime, I've found a little IM exchange that dates back from when I wrote the beginning... XD;;;

silliness therein )


So I'm back from dentist. OMFG the anesthesia didn't take right away so he had to do it several times and now i can't feel my eyelid or half my palate and throat. (i can feel the skin over it; it's very weird, gives me the impression that my flesh and bones have been replaced and underneath the skin is just a cold, tingly numbness. HE TURNED ME INTO A CYBORG.) And I'm twitching and fidgeting and just plain shaking. It doesn't hurt at all, and it even took less time and less effort than the last time I said goodbye to a wisdom tooth, but I was so wired I'm still quivering. I'm more stressed out than over the last one, it's kinda ridiculous. (X__è I even wanted to exercise to feel better (yes, really. D: ) but that would raise my heart rate and seeing as I've got a gaping hole in my mouth right now, I'm not allowed. Figures.

But I bought a nummy cold drink JUST FOR ME and it's so tasty mmmmm and if my brothers try to steal it I'll headbutt them with the side I don't feel right now. RARRR. >:(


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