Wed, Jan. 24th, 2007

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... my tooth adventures are surprisingly tame this week. It was just easy stuff to give me one more week of getting used to the soreness -- which I'll admit is almost totally gone, a week later, but I'd like to get a few more days of being able to eat before plunging back in the madness of dealing with an open hole. XD The only thing of vague interest today is that I feel like suddenly I've turned into my chemistry teacher; she had a stroke at some point, and so, when she smiled, one half of her face didn't move. It looked damn weird on her and it looks damn weird on me, even though mine really is just the upper lip. Also, I keep wondering if my teeth really touch properly on that side, and I have a strong mental picture of my face with a bump like an egg on my lip, but really it looks totally normal. It just doesn't feel like it. It's an interesting experience. n__^

oh hey, I just discovered I can't flare my left nostril either. Neat.

In other news, the snow is half-melted already, but UGH, still damn cold outside. T_T
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[ profile] dogdemoninuyash, I think I've got the idea for your drabble, but it needs a little time to rise up.

And I want to write, but neither of my current multiparts are talking.

And I'm sick and tired of not being able to write pr0n. Goddamn stupid block.


NC-17-rated challenge. Still ficlets! So they'll be short, and preferably concentrate on the right thing instead of doing my usual "oh hey the settings are so shiny I'm totally forgetting they were going to go at it like bunnies". But if those drabbles ends up sex-free, or fade-to-black or metaphysical allusions, HIT ME WITH A TROUT.

Give me one pairing (or trio. Preferably characters I can write plz.) Give me one sexual fantasy/kink (not necessarily very perverted, it could be something simple like squeezing each other's hand as they come, or doing it sitting up, or whatever), and/or a mood -- like tender, violent, funny, sad... (... I don't think I've ever gotten a bunny for sad sex. Hrrm.) It can be in one of my existing universes, or totally random. (but plz I do have some lemons planned somewhat for teamwork, and I hate writing the same thing twice so if you ask me something I'm already planning, I'll weasel out of your request like a weaselly thing. *sneaky like itachi* *pokes foreheads*)

No, people who have had a drabble recently are not allowed to ask again. Let other people play, dang it. XD

First three requests you love it okay go!

EDIT-- all gone OOPS. >:D

-[ profile] gothicstargrl : InoShikaCho, DP
-[ profile] teruame : Tragic Chouji/Ino
-[ profile] nobody_famous: Anko/Kakashi, playful, bondage.


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