Wed, Jan. 17th, 2007

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So there was this girl, who copypasted The Night's nc-17 version on ffnet and affixed it with the astoundingly witty summary "Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto go drinking at night, just for naruto to spike their drinks with viagra. What happens when three's company? Threesome the fun! Also... They went UNPROTECTED! R&R or no cookie 4 u!"

She pretended her classmate did it, I sent her an email with a sigh-y, "yeah right, just write your own stuff and I'll crit it for you, hopefully you'll improve or stop writing" tone. My plan was to be smiling, fair, and helpful, preferably until she choked on it.

Instead she deleted all of her stuff, changed her name, and disappeared. Okay. If you insist.

Until today, where I received a PM from a name I don't know. ("Fallen Uchiha Angel", except with creative punctuation. *rolleye*) The entirety of the email: "do you beta?"

And then I get an author alert for the same chick, who went ahead and posted her first chapter, and I realize that she didn't even change her profile and OH RIGHT so that's why I have her on alert! bleh.

... it's so utterly horrid I don't know where to start. It's mostly spelled fine, I can give her that much. But that's it. It's like a bad, childish fanfic summary of every characterisation I hate. It doesn't make any. ANY. sense. And it has ANs in the middle of the story, and weird paragraph breaks, and of course which fanfic would be complete without the author having a chat with her character. =____=;

Also, it's ItaSaku, and the way I hate the most, IE: "well Sasuke sucks, Itachi is better, I'm going to Akatsuki for no reason because Konoha sucks". THE INTARNETS ARE LAUGHING AT ME. T__T

So it looks like I have three choices.

-be polite, fair and helpful but it looks like I'll choke first,

-reply to her PM with "don't you mean 'Hello, how are you, I hope I'm not bothering you, I'm sorry I stole your story, would you mind taking a look at my story?'" and then see what to do from there -- only problem, if she apologizes then I'll feel forced to help her and it's visible that she has no earthly clue of how a good writer works or what IC and believable mean,

-IGNORE. But then I go back on my word.


Opinions? ;_; (oh and if you happen to find her on ffnet, feel free to offer concrit, but stay polite please. I don't condone flaming. Besides it would be rather like shooting fish in a barrel. It's not sporting. XD)

edit: what do you people think of "That depends. Are you going to take the comments I make seriously, or are you going to play the "but my classmate wrote it so it's not my fault" card whenever I say something you didn't want to hear? Because I don't want to waste my time giving you concrit you're not planning to use." ?


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