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TOTAL: 17 551
:3 i am Appeased.

-Landlord ofic: psychic wolves AU, second fic: Karadash(2 092 words)
-Landlord ofic: Teo Daemon AU (2 038 words)
-Yuri on Ice/Pacific Rim: half-assed comment drabble(201 words)
-Yuri on Ice/Pacific Rim: With Fire in their Eyes - Chris ficlet(1 082 words)

-Girl Genius: Psychic Wolves sequel, chapters 2&3 (4 502 words)
-Girl Genius: that sorin heterodyhne fic i'm cowriting with Adi (397 words)
-Landlord ofic: the Other Lord AU (792 words)
-Landlord ofic: the Zombie AU (3 256 words)
-Landlord ofic: the Tervel POV sequel (1 422 words)
-Homestuck: Demon Patrol chapter 31 (749 words)
-Homestuck: Battlefield Terra chapter uh which one was it again, ten? (1 020 words)

... so much landlord AUing this month. wow. um.

but yay that MotDP and BT woke up a bit too! :D *pets plotbunny hutch*
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TOTAL: 3 990 words

fukken two weeks of no computer at school. >:X

POSTED: Nothing!

-landlord: tervel sidefic (2 539 words)
-girl genius, psychic wolves gil-pov sequel (1 452 words)
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TOTAL: 12 742 words!

SOME PROGRESS. ganbatte ganbatte.

-With Fire in Their Eyes - Yuuri on ice! Yuuri/Viktor drift-compatible AU(7 133 words)
-Landlord ofic, psychic wolves AU, first meeting scene (1 711 words)

-sorin heterodyne collab w/ adi, prologue (336 words) (why so slow. it's sorin's mom pov, why does she not wanna talk. hmph.)
-Gil-centric psychic wolves Girl Genius fic (1 565 words) (UGH LUPERCALIA IS SO SOON WHAT WILL I DO FUUUUCK)
-Landlord ofic AU, another lord was found first (146 words)
-Landlord ofic, Tervel-POV fic (1 851 words)

Tervel is a ton of fun to write but he's so egocentric it's hard to flesh out other people. humph.

I wanna be writing the gil-centric woofs fiiiiic i have so many ideas but why does this scene not want to eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeend aaghghgh.
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TOTAL: 9 967 words
better than the last couple months! :O

-Christmas present for Adi: her-oc-centric, daemon!sorin heterodyne AU of jaegerxtownie verse (4 900 words)

-Gil/Agatha/Tarvek psychic wolves sequel (1 048 words)
-DEMON PATROL CHAPTER 6 (2 361 words) (actually fucking complete!!!! but not betaed yet)
-some demon patrol tidbits i liked but didn't use (41 words)
-landlord ofic: another cousin finds the golems first!AU (241 words)
-Covalent 'verse: kanaya ashes it up with calliope and caliborn (147 words)
-yuri!! on ice x pacific rim: GET IN THE FUCKING ROBOT, YURI. (1 052 words)
-sorin heterodyne: castle arc version, fic cowritten w/adi (177 words)


jan: 17 874
feb: 15 224
mar: 14 044
apr: 9 621
may: 9 280
jun: 12 938
jul: 10 006
aug: 8 897
sep: 9 562
oct: 5 434
nov: 4 648
dec: 9 967

TOTAL: 127 495
AVERAGE: 10 625


i'm not even gonna bitch bout it because in the last couple months, even if i could only manages snippets here and there, there were more times it didn't feel like a chore than in the last two years. so.

2010: 136 235, average: 11 353/month. ... :X :X :X
2011: 167 675, average: 13 973/month. :X
2012: 332 396, average: 27 700/month. eeeeeeee.
2013: 396 917, average: 33 076/month !!!!!!!!
2014: 315 332, average: 26 276/month ... :X
2015: 206 403, average: 17 200/month.
2016: 127 495, average: 10 625/month. >:(
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TOTAL: 4 648 words.



-battlefield terra (101 words)
-demon patrol (436 words)
-landlord ofic, keret AU (1 413 words)
-GG: the gil-centric psychic wolves fic (2 698 words)
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TOTAL: 5 434

.... -__-;


-demon patrol: 2 962 words
-agatha fic for the sorinverse collaboration w/ adiduck: 2 472 words
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TOTAL: 9 562.


-Landlord ofic - Siege Engines (the mafia fic!!!! (5 550 words)
-Landlord Ofic - daemon AU, Sevan and Narek in Siege Engines (197 words)
-Landlord ofic - FIVE dating fics!!! (119 words)
(all the landlord fics are locked on AO3, you'll need an account to see them.)

-demon patrol (274 words) (uuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh so stuck why)
-covalent 'verse: kanaya ♣ (cal/callie) (1 333 words) (gasp! it just came back from the dead somehow i don't get it @__@)
-girl genius psychic wolves gil-POV sequel (2 089 words)
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total: 8 897 words.


-landlord ofic: role reversal AU (748 words)

-landlord ofic: the mafia fic (3 021 words) (:D unblocked yeeeeeee)
-demon patrol (338 words) (uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh)
-girl genius: sequel to the tarvek/agatha psychic wolves fic. (gil!!) (4 790 words) (:33 uhuhuhu.)
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TOTAL: 10 006 words

hmm. was there really nothing else that i forgot to add? i really ought to go back to adding to the word file the second i'm done for the day instead of several days later, i'm never sure i remember all the things. ugh.

-Stray Voltage - Sorin/Veli daemons!heterodyne sorin!AU (6 457 words) (all but the epilogue, which will probably go up tomorrow.)

-demon patrol (709 words)
-naruto: teamwork: wedding fic (146 words) (the fuck happened. anyway i stalled again after that, so.)
-landlord ofic: role reversal AU (2 613 words)
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TOTAL: 12 938 slightly better, i guess. but i didn't write much at all on all the fics i wanted to make progress on. hrmgh.


-demon patrol chpt 30 (438 words)
-landlord ofic silliness (169 words)
-sorin x veli daemon AU multipart (12 119 words)
-battlefield terra (212 words)
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TOTAL: 9 280.


-homestuck: covalent 'verse: outside POVs: 4 sweeps later in the fleet, Rose, Feferi, etc (3 042 words)
-gundam wing: lone wolf and pilot chapter 9 (604 words) (i posted the whole chapter as two separate chunks because i forgot the first bit at first. orz.)

-homestuck: demon patrol (534 words)
-FF7: restore (369 words)
-landlord ofic: daemon silliness (110 words)
-landlord ofic: tervel sidesequelfic (1 515 words)
-landlord ofic: mafia fic (1 545 words)
-landlord ofic: random edits in the dating fics (263 words)
-sorin/veli: daemon AU: porn scene (1 298 words)
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TOTAL: 9 621

... seriously?

jesus fucking dick.

-Battlefield Terra chapter 9: three dreamwidth comments' worth (yeah so it was actually written months ago and is not part of the word count. arghghfmkbbj fg n.)

-Landlord ofic: dating 4 (5 352 words) (complete but unpostable as long as mafia fic has not been completed! plus i might edit it some more idk.)
-Landlord ofic: dating 3 (1 611 words) (also complete GASP!)
-battlefield terra chapter 9 (304 words) (=___=)
-GW: lone wolf and pilot chapter idk 9 i think (118 words)
-landlord ofic: the mafia fic (2 070 words)
-landlord ofic: daemon AU silliness that went nowhere (149 words)
-covalent verse, outside POV on post-ascension Feferi (17 words) (seventeen fucking words) (sevenfuckingteen fuckwords) (aaaaaaaa. i had time to take ALL THE NOTES for this one and. time to write it down? flop.)

in conclusion: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
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TOTAL: 14 044


-landlord ofic: soulmates AU (1 903 words)

-Landlord ofic: mafia fic (1 191 words)
-Demon Patrol (302 words)
-battlefield terra (1 205 words)
-sorin & veli: daemon AU (9 443 words)


i *hate* how i can't stay on task when i write. it's all tiny chunks here and there and then distracted or lost the plot or... it makes what i write feel awkwardly stitched together. argh.
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TOTAL: 15 224

eh. eeeehhhh. well i did spend a week or two not writing at all, good job catching up a little...? :/

-I've Come to Claim a Heart From Thee, girl genius: Tarvek/Agatha, psychic wolves (5 486 words)

-veli/sorin daemon AU (3 912 words)
-demon patrol chapter 30 (1 104 words)
-lone wolf and pilot, heero/duo scene (931 words)
-landlord AU: talking about children (634 words, and idk if i'll keep them)
-landlord AU: mafia fic (2 761 words)
-landlord AU: cooking for him (396 words)
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if you are or have been working as a secretary and you don't mind spending 10-15 minutes on this, i'll be super extra glad. i'm doing a bit of research re: asking the national unemployment office to pay for job training maybe and i have to prove that i know what the job entails first. they don't like to pay for training that's not used afterwards, which is fairly sensible of them really XD;;

i only need four or five people to do this so don't feel obligated if it's hard or tiring for you, i'll be okay. and if you can't answer all the questions that's also cool, this is supposed to be used for physical jobs too so some of that stuff is Does Not Apply, and some of them are redundant or unclear AND some are asking about french-market-specific stuff so heyyy whatev'. this isn't a scientific survey :p

there are 14 questions! :O and the answers can be one-liners or even one-worders, that's cool.

edit: i've got enough replis now! thank you guys, you were awesome. ^^

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(no subject)

Mon, Feb. 15th, 2016 14:33
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anyone around here who works or has worked as a secretary and would be willing to answer, uh… like three pages of questions? i’ve got to do research on that job for the unemployment agency before they’ll consider whether they want to help me pay for the training, to prove i know what to expect etc etc, which is a bit of a pain but oh fucking well. anyway i’ve got two real-life people already but that’s not enough, i need at least two or three more. not all the questions will be relevant since it’s geared toward the french job market but most of them will be!

also if anyone has ever HIRED a secretary…?

(also any other job ideas to suggest for someone who likes computers but isn’t a wizard with them, can’t carry heavy stuff, hates the outdoors, and can’t deal with customers? -__-;;; i just generally want to work in an office, i can learn to deal with phone calls. i thought about library jobs but even to reshelve things you’ve got to have a stupid big diploma. also patrons, augh. government office worker is a possibility i’m considering pretty strongly but the thing is you don’t really decide where in the area you’ll work even if you pass the tests, and i can’t drive. :X might be time to try to change that… )
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Written for the Psychic Wolves for Lupercalia challenge. (Jaegers are wolves!)


Valois for grace and perfect poise, it was said, Stuart for unmatched hunting prowess, Wulfenbach for robustness and unity of purpose -- and Heterodyne for the monster under the bed.

The wolf that trotted in at the side of Lady Agatha Heterodyne could have been bred straight out of Valois stock, so prettily put together was she. Such a delicate silver that she shone, moonlike, under the hundreds of candles hanging from the walls and ceiling of the grand ballroom, but for a sooty mask, legs like opera gloves. A delicate build and paws that trotted daintily almost succeeded in making her an asset instead of a shock.

Then again, Mechanicsburg being what it was, they'd all been braced for far worse than one of the gentler sex being soul-bonded to a war beast. This even seemed almost calculated, even though Tarvek knew -- not from first hand, but from many a recounting -- that there was, in the end, no forcing a bond. You could direct it, make sure only the appropriate sort would have access, but in the end the wolf chose. This wolf...

"Anevka?" he inquired. His sister chuckled pleasantly at some princeling's words and turned to him, looking outwardly polite, inwardly sarcastic.

"Yes, dear?"

Tarvek handed her a flute of champagne, eyes cutting toward the new entrance, hardly unremarked, smiled into his own flute so his lips would be obscured. "Is that her very own?"

Anevka, was the thing, had a soul for wolves. Had she been born to some lower house, or one with a passel of sisters to lose herself amongst, she would have not passed sixteen without being bonded. (And then, probably, been relegated to some forgettable country estate.) Things being as they were, their father had noticed the interest their Blitzengaard cousins' companions paid her, and immediately forbidden any unbonded wolf from putting toe onto the castle grounds.

Being bonded would ruin most of her marriage prospects, ruin her reputation. She'd accepted it easily enough. She still had a feel for them, somehow, that Tarvek could not for the life of him learn.

Meanwhile Tarvek himself had never gotten a second look. But that was neither here nor there.

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TOTAL: 17 874

hmmm not bad! i mean not up to two years ago's standard but. hmm. yes. i will be Satisfied.


-Rhetorical Discourse (kankri/latula/mituna, beach, not porn)
-landlord ofic: khulan and narangerel
-landlord ofic: daemon AU: khulan and narangerel sequel w/ added beasties

-Girl Genius: Tarvek/Agatha psychic wolves for lupercalia (6 931 words)
-Gundam Wing: Lone Wolf and Pilot chapter 9 (363 words)
-Landlord ofic: the one where they finally frick again (7 006 words) (technically complete but the ones before it aren't so it's unposted)
-Homestuck: Demon Patrol chapter 30(?) (2 404 words)
-Renato ofic ficlet (892 words)
-Daemon sorin/veli fic (278 words)
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DEC. TOTAL: 12 933 words.


-Midnight on the Demon Patrol chapter 29 (1 693 words)
-Byrd and the Dads: daemon AU (216 words)
-Landlord ofic: Khulan and Naran (2 020 words)
-Landlord ofic: Khulan and Naran, Daemon AU (1 143 words)
-post-escape Zack and Cloud, daemon AU (137 words)
-Final Fantasy 7: Steal: Daemon AU, Zack and babies' first daemons (523 words)

-GW - lone wolf and pilot chapter idk 8? 9? (574 words)
-Sorin/Veli, heterodyne AU, daemon AU (6 460 words)
-Landlord ofic: dating or not?? fic (167 words)

hrrrrrfffffffff half of my output is daemon AUs. aaa. flop.



jan: 26 159
feb: 27 626
mar: 16 898
apr: 23 320
may: 13 242
jun: 12 612
jul: 12 752
aug: 10 598
sep: 15 911
oct: 17 873
nov: 16 479
dec: 12 933

TOTAL: 206 403

AVERAGE: 17 200

2010: 136 235, average: 11 353/month. ... :X :X :X
2011: 167 675, average: 13 973/month. :X
2012: 332 396, average: 27 700/month. eeeeeeee.
2013: 396 917, average: 33 076/month !!!!!!!!
2014: 315 332, average: 26 276/month ... :X
2015: 206 403, average: 17 200/month.

... Okay, I have lost a hundred thousand words compared to last year. Where did they fucking go.

I went from thinking january's 25k was "acceptable" to april's 23k in three weeks because my grandmother died the last week to... wow, i have seriously lost 10k average since then and never recovered them.

I don't feel that i'm grieving significantly more or that it's related to her death, but just generally my procrastination and attention problem has gotten a lot worse and looking at it here it's a lot more clear than i thought it was. starting in May it was like i'd totally lost the habit of regular writing. upon thinking, 2013 was a really good year writing-wise, not an average year, i had bunnies everywhere because i was in the honeymoon stage with homestuck and got inspired every time i read a new page pretty much, so 2014 was actually pretty alright. but tis year i have fallen back to a pretty bad writing output and i don't like it.

I do like that i came up with the landlord ofic. it's an enjoyable 'verse and i wasn't sure of my ability to sustain my own interest in characters i'd come up with instead of fallen in love elsewhere, as i'm a lot more used to coming up with background OCs to shore up a story written for other people's characters.

Still, grump.
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i was just thinking i should finally share the baby deets XD

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